Osada Borsk Wioska Lotników O.W. Jasnochówka
Osada Borsk is a property investment project that sits on the lake Wdzydze, close to 3City (80 km) and  to A1 highway (65 km). It’s been combined of 200ha fields, forests and concrete airfield able to accommodate small aircrafts (MTOW < 5700kg). Main idea behind is to create unique and friendly place to live and rest, both actively and quietly in beautiful surroundings. Most importantly however, in deep relation with nature.
First cluster of the foreseen investment are two subdivisions - Osada Borsk and Wioska Lotników. First, being a place for families and individuals keen on picking mushrooms, observing nature, having semi-direct access to the lake beach. Second, dedicated for aviation lovers, fans, their relatives and friends. Additionally there will be construction works touching Jasnochówka, being well known holiday camp.